Thursday, October 14, 2010

The List: Literary Agents

I list the agents by agency. All the agents listed either say they will consider representing at least some aspect of the fantasy genre (be it urban, contemporary YA, traditional or what-have-you) or have sold a fantasy/paranormal novel. I'd recommend checking each agent and agency website before querying to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about how they like to receive queries and if they're even open to submission (sometimes agents will temporarily close to submissions for a month or several) when you're ready to query. Also, googling the agent is a good idea--if they've done interviews, you can get a better idea of what type of book they're hoping to see. Some of these agents accept only Young Adult or Middle Grade fantasy, while others don't look at children's books at all, so check before you add them to your query-list.

Without further ado ...

A+B Works     Amy Jameson
Adams Literary     Various agents
Andrea Brown Literary Agency   Various agents
Barry Goldblatt Literary Various agents: Joe Monti, Beth Fleisher
Bent Agency  Jenny Bent
Bliss Literary Jenoyne Adams
Bradford Literary Agency Laura Bradford
Caren Johnson Literary Agency Various agents
Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency Meredith Kaffel
Cooke Agency Various agents: Sally Harding, Mary Hu
Curtis Brown, Ltd. Various agents: Ginger Clark, Maureen Walters, Sarah Lapolla, Nathon Bransford
D4EO Literary Agency Various agents
Donald Maass Literary Agency Various agents: Jennifer Jackson, Amy Boggs, Donald Maass, Cameron McClure
Doug Grad Literary Agency Various agents
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management Various agents: Michael Bourrett, Jim McCarthy, Lauren Abramo
Epstein Literary Agency Kate Epstein
Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency Ethan Ellenberg
Fielding Agency Whitney Lee
FinePrint Literary Management Various agents: Peter Rubie, Suzie Townsend, Stephanie Evans
Folio Literary Management Various agents
Foundry Literary + Media Various agents
Fox Literary Diana Fox
Greenhouse Literary Agency Sarah Davies
Harvey Klinger Agency Various agents: Andrea Somberg, Sara Crowe
Inkwell Management Various agents: Richard Pine, Catherine Drayton
Irene Goodman Literary Agency Miriam Kriss
JABberwocky Literary Agency Various agents: Joshua Bilmes or Eddie Schneider
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Various Agents: Jennifer Weltz, Jessica Regel
Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency Jennifer De Chiara
Jill Grinberg Literary Management Jill Grinberg
Judith Erlich Literary Management Emmanuelle Alspaugh
Knight Agency Various agents: Nephele Tempest, Lucienne Diver, Pamela Harty
KT Literary Kate Testerman
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency Laurie McLean
Laura Dail Literary Agency Tamar Rydzinski
Levine Greenberg Literary Agency Various agents
Liza Dawson Associates Caitlin Blasdell
LJK Literary Management Susanna Einstein
Lowenstein Associates Inc. Various agents: Barbara Lowenstein, Kathleen Ortiz

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency Various agents: Kevan Lyon, Jill Marsal
Martin Literary Management Kate Folkers
McCarthy Agency Shawna McCarthy
Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency Meredith Bernstein
Mic Cheetham Literary Agency Mic Cheetham
Morhaim Literary Agency Various agents: Kate McKean, Kate Menick, Howard Morhaim
Nancy Coffey Literary Agency Joanna Volpe
Nancy Yost Literary Agency Various agents: Nancy Yost, Natanya Wheeler
Nelson Literary Agency Various agents: Kristin Nelson, Sara Megibow
Prospect Agency Various agents: Emily Sylvan Kim, Becca Stumpf
Rights Factory Ali Mcdonald
Regal Literary Michelle Andelman
Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Various agents: Matt Bialer, Michael Harriot
Sara Jane Freymann Literary Agency Jessica Sinsheimer
Susan Schulman Literary Agency Susan Schulman
Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency Various agents: Russell Galen, Ann Behar
Signature Literary Agency Ellen Pepus
Spectrum Literary Agency Eleanor Wood
Spencerhill Associates Jennifer Schober
Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency Jack Byrne
Stimola Literary Studio Rosemary Stimola
Stringer Literary Agency Marlene Stringer
Strothman Agency Lauren MacLeod
Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency Shana Cohen
Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency Various agents: Holly McClure, Jeanie Pantelakis
Trident Media Group Various agents: Allana Ramirez, Scott Miller, Ellen Levine, Kimberly Whalen, Alyssa Henkin, Stephanie Maclean, Alex Glass
Unter Agency Jennifer Unter
Upstart Crow Literary Various agents: Michael Stearns or Danielle Chiotti
Virginia Kidd Literary Agency Various agents
Waxman Literary Agency Various agents: Holly Root, Jason Pinter
Schmalz Agency Wendy Schmalz
Wolf Literary Services Kirsten Wolf
Wolfson Literary Agency Michelle Wolfson
Writer's House Various agents: Merrilee Heifetz, Robin Rue, Jodi Reamer, Stephen Malk, Daniel Lazar, Rebecca Sherman
Zack Company Andrew Zack
Zeno Literary Agency John Berlyne

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I Started a Blog About Literary Agents Who Represent the Fantasy Genre

If you read my profile, you know that I write fantasy novels. If you found your way to this blog, you probably do too!

When I was starting out a couple of years ago, I learned enough about publishing to know I needed a literary agent. But how do you find one? Sure, there are books that list literary agents, and the Preditors & Editors site, which is a great resource for checking out a potential agent. But not all literary agents like to read or represent novels in the fantasy genre, and even the ones who do have certain preferences (no high fantasy, or no vampires, or only magical realism are some examples I've seen).

It's tough to snag an agent. It's even tougher when you're targeting the wrong agents for your novel. It took me a lot of time and research to compile a list of agents who were legitimate, made sales AND represented fantasy and/or science fiction. After I found my agent, I still had all this compiled research on agents who liked fantasy, and I decided to pass it on. You're welcome!

In the next few weeks I'll be posting the master list, plus showcasing individual agents or agencies, so if you're searching for a literary agent to represent and sell your fantasy (or science fiction) novel, check back soon!